Xatt L’Ahmar (Red Bay)

Xatt L’Ahmar (Red Bay)

There are three entry/exit points at this site and a number of potential dive plans as options.

The Dive (1)

Surface swim at a bearing of 200° until just before you lose sight of the seabed and then descend to 6-9m.  Follow the same course for 6 minutes and it will take you to a depth of 20m.  The seabed will be covered in sea grass and boulders and drops down to 30m plus.  Descend down the East side of hte slope to the bottom at a depth of 34m.

The Dive (2)

A few minutes of surface swimming South Westerly across the bay to the headland, you will pass over the large rock at the end of the headland and descend on to the edge of the drop off at 24m.  Continue along hte edge Westerly until at 20m the drop off becomes a slope covered in sea grass and boulders.
If you follow the line at the bottom of the drop off, not missing the cave, then out to the lone rock at 40m and then back to the overhang.

Please be aware the emergency services are some distance away from this site.