Xatt L’Ahmar (Red Bay) The Wrecks

Xatt L’Ahmar (Red Bay) The Wrecks

Wreck of MV Xlendi

The double ended Ro Ro car passenger ferry was built in Denmark by Helsingar Ship Builders with a gross weight of 1123 tons, and a length of 77 metres.

On 12th November 1999 the Gozo ferry boat MV Xlendi was scuttled off the south coast of Gozo as an artificial reef and for the use of divers.  Unfortunately on the way down she struck part of the reef and landed upside down on a sandy bottom at 42m, and at a slight angle, resting partly on the funnel.  After a few days the funnel collapsed along with part of the upper structure and she went totally upside down.

The Dive

Despite the MV Xlendi being upturned this is still an excellent dive with the reef so close that you can dive both at once.

Remember if your plan needs stops the emergency services are some distance away so be aware of your depth and the time while on the wreck.

Whichever entry point you use, surface swim to the west side of the little headland and with a compass bearing of 200° the Xlendi is about 60m away.

The marine life in this area is very good with chance to see octopus and cuttlefish.

The Wrecks of The MV Karwela and MV Cominoland

The MV Karwela was built in West Germany in 1957, a steel hulled passenger ferry weighing 497 tons and 48 metres in leght and with a beam of 8metres.  First registered as the Nordpaloma, she came to Malta in 1986, purchased in 1992 by Captain Morgan Cruises, Malta.

The MV Cominoland was built in Dartmouth, England, in 1942 and named Minor Eagle. Weighing 295 tons, a passenger ship, 34 metres in length with a beam of 8 metres, she was first registered in Malta in 1992 by Captain Morgan Cruises, Malta nad renamed Cominoland.

The Scuttling

The 12th August 2006 the MV Karwela and the MV Cominoland were scuttled 60metres apart off Gozo.  Both have been made environmentally safe and now sit upright at a depth of 42m.

N.B. These dives should only be attempted by divers who have experienced deco diving.

The Dive – MV Karwela

Surface swim to the east side of the little headland, follow the underwater reef with a bearing of 160° to the drop off.  Follow the ridge East until you reach The Finger, on the far side there is a crack running all the way down the reef.  From here bear 150° slowly descending to her depth.

The Dive – MV Cominoland

Surface swim in a South East direction, while able to still see the seabed descend, and continue on course until the edge of the drop off, follow it East past the Altar Stone where you will find an old fishing net, descend here and move forward bearing 150° and the wreck will be side to your course.