Starting diving at 50 – Colin T

Starting diving at 50 – Colin T

Diving is for all ages but often, like many objectives in life, we only get the chance later in life. This was the case with Colin T who had tried to realise his ambition but not had the best of experiences. We often see people who have either had a bad experience or are just lacking in confidence and we know how to help and guide you back to a point where you feel confident.

One of the advantages to Dawn Diving is we work in very small groups, often 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 and this helps us to give unconfident divers the time they need.Colin went from his bad experience to completing his PADI Open Water course with us.

Colin T – Client Feedback

“After reaching the grand old age of 50 I decided to do something that I had always wanted to do but could never find the time to do. I decided I had to experience diving.  I first enrolled in a course in the Uk , but on my last open water dive, I panicked when removing my mask under water.  I was due a holiday to Malta and started enquiring about completing my course there. After approaching about five sites found on the internet, it was only Dawn Diving that answered the same day.  It was as if other companies didn’t want the business.  It was the best decision that I have ever made.  Trevor , Jane and Dave were fantastic. Trevor had me removing my mask within minutes with no fear at all.  Trevor is larger than life and as with all Dawn Diving staff he is a true professional.  There being a time for fun and a time for seriousness.  Safety was the main priority closely followed by having fun.  I would recommend Dawn Diving to anyone, especially after Jane even managed to sooth my wife’s fears of water and she enjoyed her first try dive experience.”

Colin T