Slug Bay

Slug Bay

While the name ‘Slug Bay’ does not conjure beautiful pictures, this bay is entirely pretty.  Situated on the north side of Mellieha Bay, Slug Bay offers a walker’s paradise littered with wild flowers in the spring and diving treats the rest of the year, such as a natural arch formation.

The dive

The dive area consists of rock, sea grass and areas of sand with a maximum depth of 12m.  To the east of the dive site, in an area of small shingle/sand, fossilized shark’s teeth have been found.  However you should remember that in Malta it is illegal to remove certain items from the water.

The bay is protected from the north north-westerly winds and used mainly when sea conditions are not favourable elsewhere.  Additionally access to the dive site, especially after heavy rainfall, can be testing and rough even with a 4×4 vehicle.

Notable points for this dive are there are no facilities at the site and the jetty is extremely slippery when wet, so additional care should be taken.