Paveville – Mercanti Reef

Paveville – Mercanti Reef

Situated on the north coast near Dragonera Point, this site is not too far from St Julians.  This is a different type of dive site with its entry point almost in the heart of Malta’s main nightlife centre.

The dive

Most boat traffic passes by on the outside of the reef, so should not present problems on this site.  From entry a 250m surface swim, when you reach the reef descend past the marker post to a small shallow valley of stones which run out in the direction of your route back to your exit point.  Head north until you reach a large flat area of rock with gullies running out westerly.  Now follow the reef in a southerly direction, with the reef on your left for some 6 minutes.  You will now be faced with a large rock/boulder.

You can take one of two routes from this point, to continue along the reef around the little horseshoe ; or go on the inside between the reef and the large rock/boulder and a bearing of 200-210° to the southern end of the inshore reef, exploring the east side before returning to the end and heading past the inner reef.

Marine life is plentiful here, so take your camera and look out for striped sea bream and nudibranch gastropod molluscs.

The Dive

The entry/exit point can be approached with ease, with a gentle sloping reef down to the sand at 13m, which will take about 5 minutes.  Depths of 20m can be reached at the end of the reef.  This is a very interesting reef to explore with many small gullies and overhangs, also an abundance of marine life.