PADI Speciality Courses

Once you have got the basics of diving and have the confidence and skills to feel at home in the water you can start to expand and develop to make the most of each and every dive experience. PADI offer a number of courses to advance your skills, and qualifications, and remember all PADI courses are internationally recognised.

Dawn Diving offer a  wide range of speciality courses and our mantra is quality rather quality so you can expect and enjoy small groups, and more than often one on one training allowing you to get the most from the experience. Our instructors are all fully qualified and vastly experienced, both in the water and around Malta’s vast number of dive sites!

Our Speciality Courses

Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Search & Recovery Diver – €210 + Optional Manual

Night Diver  – €240  + Optional Manual

Underwater Navigator – €180  + Optional Manual

Enriched Air Nitrox Diver – €130  + Manual

Underwater Naturalist – €150 Euros + Optional Manual

Multilevel Diver – €150 Euros + Optional Manual

Peak Performance Buoyancy – €130 Euros + Optional Manual

Digital underwater imaging – €170 euro’s + Manual.

More About PADI

The world’s largest scuba diving training organization, PADI was dreamed up in 1966 by two friends in Illinois over a bottle of Johnnie Walker. It’s true.

John Cronin, a scuba equipment salesman for U.S. Divers, and Ralph Erickson, an educator and swimming instructor, were concerned about the scuba diving industry. They felt that the scuba certification agencies that existed at the time were unprofessional, didn’t use state-of-the-art instruction, and made it unnecessarily difficult for people to enter the sport. John and Ralph knew there had to be a safer, easier way for people to learn to breathe underwater.

Their goal – to give more people a chance to enjoy the underwater world by offering relevant, instructionally valid scuba diving training to create confident scuba divers who dive regularly.