Migra Ferha

Migra Ferha

Migra Ferha is a unique and unspoiled dive and it only for the experienced and very fit because of the 150 steps that are to be negotiated to reach the entry/exit point below the Dingli Cliffs.  It is also noteworthy to keep the fishermen in this area happy, for they are the ones that made the steps and maintain them after heavy rainfall.  Please ensure to check sea conditions before entering the sea here, there is no other exit point for several kilometres in either direction.  There are also some offshore currents to be aware of.
With two distinct dive areas, the first is to the north, a large reef with depths of 1+6m to 9m, and over the drop off 30m plus.  The south dive is a large boulder area, with depths to 25m, dropping sharply to 36m, which needs a 15l cylinder.

The walk back is an arduous one, therefore it is recommended that a 20-30 minute rest is taken before ascending the steps to the top of the cliff, giving your body time for the slow release of nitrogen and help to prevent exercise related DCI.

Diving the reef

This dive has a nice entry point with a small stepping area to assist with entry and exit.  Immediately there is a 16m depth, and 8 minutes away you will find the corner of the reef.

This area is great for marine life, octopus, moray and groupers can be found:  The latter feeds on all kinds of animals that can be found among the rocks.

You can also see the home of several ‘drowned’ cars littering the seabed.   Cheaper than scrapping vehicle, a number have been pushed off the cliff to a watery grave, to be adopted and taken over by the marine life.

Diving the boulder area

Following the cliff wall south from the entry point to a large overhang you can find the first of several caves worth a look around.  If you continue along the same course the area is littered with large boulders with small rocks between them, this is a haven for much marine life.

This site offers no local vendors, so bring along refreshment if needed, and be aware there is often no mobile service here too, and with a 20 minute journey to the closest public phone, additional care should be taken.