The three dive sites of the Double Arch, Anchor Reef and Reqqa Point are situated on the north coast of Gozo, close to the resort of Marsalforn.

Double Arch

This site is unique because of hte double arch.  It is 200 metres offshore and can take up to 25 minutes to reach.  The exit point is in what is locally known as Washing machine Bay, and if you are there in a high swell or rough sea you will see why.

An excellent dive when weather and visibility is good, only suitable for experienced divers who are skilled in navigation.

The average depth below the arch is 36m.  To the west is a reef and the arch forms a bridge between it and the main reef.  The reef has a maximum depth of 17m but is surrounded by depths of 30m plus.  Look out for shoals of barracuda coming up from the deep and swimming over the reef then descend on the other side.

Anchor Reef

There used to be an anchor here, however the details of its leaving are part myth, part mystery.

The Dive

This interesting dive is just a short part of the reef which runs from Reqqa Point in the west with steep slopes which are littered with boulders and rocks, to the Double Arch in the east where the reef has much more dramatic drop offs.

The average depth is 50m plus.  Take care when approaching the entry point via the hand-cut steps.

Reqqa Point

This is a very special dive site, normally with excellent visibility, a unique plateau at 17m below the surface with its surrounding depths of 50m plus.

The Dive

There is an abundance of marine life here, making it a very good site for photography.

Take care over the jagged rocks on the way to the entry/exit point.  A note of caution, after a storm, even though the sea looks calm, Reqqa Point can prone to swell from the Northwest.