Zonqor Point

Zonqor Point

Marsacala – Zonqor Point

On the south east coast of Malta, on the north side of Marsascala Bay is the outcrop of Zonqor Point.  There are a number of good dive points at this location, including tugboats St. Michael and 10, and the Mini Blue Hole.  Ideal for training or second dives, these sites tend to be busiest when the weather conditions are not ideal on the north and west coasts.

Dive 1

As part of a place to create an artificial reef, St. Michael and 10 were scuttled in May 1998 at Zonqor Point, Marsascala.  Both upright on a flat sandy bottom, at a depth of 22m, they are teeming with marine life.  This has transformed the barren seabed into a shore dive location accessible for divers of all levels.

The boats are 20 and 16m in length respectively, saw many years of service working out of Grand Harbour, were abandoned in port until they were recovered from a half submerged state, and cleaned up specifically for this dive site.  All glass, doors, and hatches removed, and passageways opened to help divers explore safely.
Dive 2

Zonqor Point North is the place to dive for excellent marine life.  It is the perfect playground for marine animals like sea hares and octopus, and further out on the sand look out for different species of rays and flying gurnards.

Dive 3

The Mini Blue Hole entrance is at an easy 7m, with the bottom of the hole being at 3m.  The surrounding bottom is covered with boulders and rocks, giving homes to many species, and creating gullies and reefs, making it a good habitat for  moray and octopus.