L’Ahrax Point

L’Ahrax Point

L’Ahrax Point is peacefully quiet mad definitely worth a visit when visibility is good, remembering that amenities are a distance away, care should be taken.  This dive gives you a number of ways to dive the site, but these can be divided into two main areas, the north reef and the south reef tunnel.

The dive – North Reef

The north reef dive starts at 3-4m and is an area mainly covered in sea grass.  It takes 11 minutes to reach jagged rocks, where you will find a arrangement of stones in a circle.  A further 6 minutes will take you to the drop off, falling to 23m or deeper you can find large boulders to explore.  Keep your eyes open for dentex or barracuda.

On your way back you will pass a small quarry with a depth of 10m with a little cove at the rear and inside a small arch.

The dive – South Reef Tunnel and Inland Sea
After a surface swim following the coastline, all the way around until it meets the reef, descend to 6m.  Continuing on in a southerly direction for 6 minutes and you will come to a distinct corner , keep following the line.  Within 2 minutes you will be able to see a rock shaped like an eagle’s head on the left, the entrance to the inland sea is on the right.

Bent in the middle you are unable to see straight through the tunnel, and the depth is 8m.  The floor of the tunnel is rocky and covered in red seaweed.
Marine life in this area includes octopus and an assortment of lobster varieties.