Kalkara Creek

Kalkara Creek

Kalkara Creek

Situated on the eastern side of Grand Harbour, opposite to Valletta, is Kalkara Creek.  The SS Margit sits upright at 22m on a silty seabed, almost in the centre of the creek, parallel  with both Vittoriosa and Kalkara.

The SS Margit is a 3496 ton passenger ship, 105 metres in length and built in 1912.  She arrived in Malta in 1939 and remained here waiting for crew.  War broke out and on the night of 19th April 1341 she was hit and set on fire during an airraid.  Two masts and her funnel stuck out of the water to mark her grave.  These were later removed with explosives, in order to create a birth for the upcoming invasion of Sicily.

The best time to dive this site is when conditions are good everywhere else, and the wind isn’t coming in strong for the north east.  The rule of thumb is if you can see the seabed at the entry point, visibility should be reasonable.

N.B.  Beware of boat traffic, a few smaller pleasure boats pass over the wreck so an SMB is essential.

Many original features still prevail, like lifeboats, fire extinguishers, and look out for the huge mooring buoys and massive chain network that now lay on the seabed.

There are a variety of fish on the wreck, but look out for the nudibranchs, which are quite remarkable.