Ghasri Valley

Ghasri Valley

This is a different type of dive, well away from the crowds, with its ninety-nine steps, 250 metre narrow gorge and shallow waters which lead out into the open sea, together with spectacular vivid blue colours on the surface water of the dome.

The Dive – the Blue Dome, Cathedral Cave

Firstly, do not attempt this dive when there is a swell.

Once in the water, enjoy a surface swim along the beautiful narrow gorge for 8-10 minutes, before heading out to open sea in a northerly direction and down to a depth of 19m.  In front of you, you will see a drop off and to the right the reef will rise to a plateau at 14m, go over the drop off and you will find the seabed at 33m.

Once you have explored this area, follow the reef around and up and over the large boulders and into the cave.

Alternatively, visit the Dome.  With light penetrating from the cave entrance and the light from a crack in the Dome ceiling, the surface water is turned a vivid blue, making a fantastic photography opportunity.