Ghar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi is a very small hamlet with two pretty little coves, and is one of the few places you can enter the sea from land along this stretch of coastline.

Black John

The dive here is normally one of the least popular sites in Malta.  Just a couple hundred meters from Ghar Lapsi, it is advised that you walk to the water before kitting up.

There are two dives, the first is to drop immediately after entering the water, which you can do to a depth of 25m.  Alternatively, you can swim to the far side of Black John which drops to 38m.

Caution should be given to the offshore currents, this being a dive for the more experienced divers.

Here there should be shoals of painted comber around the reef, the most likely fish to be seen in Maltese waters.  Also look out for the giant tun, sea cucumbers, octopus, jelly fish, John Dory, and if you are very lucky, you might see a family group of parrot fish.

Finger Reef and Crib

Two routes are available on this dive, the first via Finger Reef enters the cave with a hole in its roof at 19m, and is the shortest of the two dives.  The second enters the cave at 22m by the Crib.

With boulders, rocks, sea grass and sand, there are two reefs, one shaped like a finger, and the other is twisty.  The caves offer many small openings, which allow bright rays of light to shaine through, illuminating parts of the caves.

The Crib is a nativity of near life-sized figures fashioned from metal plate, welded to a tubular frame and placed underwater within an overhang.  This was placed by the Calypso Diving Team.

Middle Reef

This dive offers a number of reefs to explore, which are surrounded by areas of sand, sea grass and small boulders, with a maximum depth of 16m.

This dive will test your navigational skills.

Look out for rainbow wrasse and fireworms.