Fortizza Reef and Coral Gardens

Fortizza Reef and Coral Gardens

This dive site is only a few minutes away from the bustling centre of Sliema.

Normally these two dive sites are used from a second dive or when sea conditions do not allow diving at the more popular sites.

The dive

This site is good for practicing your navigational skills, either with a compass or by pilotage; it boasts a tunnel, arch and a short cave.  The dive has a maximum depth of 16m.

There are many places of interest to explore, with a surprising amount of marine life, and given the locality and due to the reef being reasonably shallow makes it an excellent place for photography when visibility is good.

The dive – Coral Gardens

Navigating this dive is easier when the visibility is good, otherwise if it is new to you, maybe you should consider taking a dive guide with you, as you might miss so much of this extraordinary dive, with a maximum depth of 17m if you explore further to the east reef.  In good visibility, it is a must.

Beware of the many small yachts and motorboats that travel along this coastline, some passing directly over the reef.