Diving holidays in Malta

Diving holidays in Malta

Ajit completed his Padi open water course with us, he was new to diving, never tried it but always wanted to . He was taught by Jane on a one to one basis giving him the best experience and tuition. Many people take diving holidays in Malta, you can more or less guarantee the weather and when you aren’t diving here is plenty to do. Having a concentrated period of time, from three to five days, allow you to develop strong skills on your first diving adventure.

Client Feedback – Ajit, London.

“Having snorkeled for the first time in 2009 in Egypt and loving the experience to bits – I knew I wanted to explore more and learn diving. Sadly I didn’t get a chance until much later in 2014 when we decided to visit Malta.

Reading about Dawn diving on Tripadvisor made it an easy choice for me mainly because of the trust all the other reviewers had with them. I knew it’s hard to trust everything you read on the Internet, but this was probably as close to being sure as I could be. So I took the plunge and booked to spend 3-5 days with Trevor and Jane to get open water certified.

Day 1 was quite scary having read all the theory about how things can go wrong and Trevor’s really serious approach to safety. By day 2 I was beginning to get the hang of it and my confidence improved manifold. I got my certification on time and my confidence improved considerably by the end of the course.

Jane was my instructor on most days and was extremely patient and really really safety conscious. On one of the days I had both Jane and Trevor dive with me and teach me some of the skills. I was really happy that I went with instructors who were really BIG on safety.

I’ll go back to Dawn diving without a second thought the moment I’m ready to get advanced diving skills.

Thanks Jane and Trevor for being great instructors and really good friends. Appreciate it.”

Ajit – London.