Delimara Point

Delimara Point

Delimara Point

This dive is situated on the south of the island, about a 15 minute drive from the harbour and market village of Marsaxlokk, and is an under rated site with excellent reefs, many overhangs and places to explore at 30m plus.

East Reef

Shaped like a letter U this dive runs out from the furthest point of land in an easterly direction.

Dive 1

At the beginning point of this dive, 6 minutes out, there are normally large shoals of fish to get your dive off to a great start.  Followed by a 17m drop to a shelf, the bottom is a further 6m where you can find some fabulous grassy areas, rugged boulders and places to explore.  Keep your eyes open for octopus hiding in those holes and crevices.

Dive 2

This dive, at 13m, brings many excellent opportunities to see large shoals of fish, the locust lobster and more examples of our local marine life.  The floor drops to 30m to enable access to the corner of the reef, opening out more chance to see the stunning sea life on this dive.

Dive 3

Using the same entry point as the previous 2 dives, and dropping to 13m and swimming south for 5 minutes opens up a different reef at 16m. Continuing on over the grass, small rocks, sand and a number of small boulders at 34m, the reef will rise up to one side impressively.  Look out for tube dwelling anemones and pilot fish.

South Reef

A dive for experienced divers, care should be taken to veto any dives here from the shore in strong currents or poor visibility.  This dive present the  Arrow Head Rock which can been seen at the south end of reef, and it also gives entrance to Abigail’s Caves at 18m.  With two openings in the roof, light is good within the cave, you can also exit using these holes.  This is an excellent site to explore and look out for Salema fish which can be found at depths between 2 to 20m feeding around the rocks and ledges that are rich in vegetation.