Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay

Made famous by the building of Popeye’s Village, a film set, Anchor Bay is a small inlet on the north west coast of Malta.  The name comes from the anchor that was used as a mooring buoy for the barges that carried materials for the set building.  The anchor remains in place today.  A jetty was also constructed for the filming, and it used today by fishermen and divers alike.  This is your entry/exit point.

This dive falls into the easy section, used to complete training or for second dives primarily.  Depth ranges from 2m – 12m.  Caution should be taken to avoid tourist boats that use the most inland jetty at the village site.

The Dive

This dive presents the large anchor chain and very large anchor.  The chain is covered in marine growth in place, but is still clearly visible.  There is a cave entrance at 10m, and the depth inside is 8m.  Once inside there is a large cavern above the water with an impressive dome ceiling.  The westerly side entrance to the cave is also worth exploring.

On the north shore of Anchor Bay, not far from the anchor is an area of large boulders surrounded by a sandy seabed, here you can often find the Tun Shell.  In other areas of this dive keep your eyes peeled for spiny star fish, ribbed helmet shells, nudibranches and black faced blenny.