Dwejra is a proposed World Heritage site with its unique coastline that has been the backdrop for many film sets.  The area is normally referred to by divers as the Inland Sea, Azure Window, or the Blue Hole.

The Inland Sea

With a maximum depth of 2m is a small expanse of shallow water linked to the sea by a tunnel through the rock.  The tunnel has a depth of 3m at the entry and drops to 26m at the exit and it is 80m in length.  Both the Inland Sea and the tunnel are routes for small pleasure boats.

The Azure Window

Reaching 20 metres out of the water and with a circumference of 80metres the Azure window is headed by a bridge of rock from the headland which forms an arch.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is round and 16m to the seabed where is a large window which allows you to venture into the spectacular underwater world of Dwjra Point.  On the opposite side to the window there is a cave.

All these natural formations, formed over thousands of years, attract more divers than any other Gozitian site.

The Dive – Little Bear to Crocodile Rock

This is an excellent dive with a reef which runs from Little Bear to Crocodile Rock and continues to the north point of Dwejra Bay.

The entry/exit point for this dive is not easy.  The average depth on the reef is around 8m, with drop offs from 25m to 36m, depending on location.  Swim away from the rock face and the depth quickly increases to 50m plus.

Face the reef and on your left will be the entrance to Rogers Cave.  From there allow 30 minutes to reach Crocodile Rock.

Look out for barracuda in the blue, and other large fish.

The Dive – Big Bear and Coral Gardens

Big Bear Rock is the largest of the three rocks in this area.  Once underwater, it can be explored all the way around.  To the south of the reef are a number of large boulders surrounded by areas of sand and small rocks. Rogers Cave is on the North side, and the East side is a valley of rocks and boulders that cover the seabed.  Be careful at the entry point for the water is very shallow at first, so you have to paddle.

The Dive – The Blue Hole and Coral Gardens

The dive starts in Coral Gardens and ends at the Blue Hole.  There is from the ‘U’ opening, a 25m drop off onto the seabed, with an average depth around the reef face at 30m, but moving away from the reef the depth drops quickly to 50m plus.

The Dive – The Blue Hole and Azure Window

This is perhaps the most popular dive of this area.  You will enter the Blue Hole, circumnavigate the column of the Azure Window and a visit to the cave is worth while.  A torch will be required.

The Dive – The inland Sea to the Blue Hole

This is a dive starting from the Inland Sea to the Blue Hole via the tunnel and the Azure Window; it is a 400 metre route that takes about 50 minutes.
Be aware of small tourist motorboats through the tunnel, so stick to the sides.  A torch is recommended here.