The quaint little village of Xlendi is situated on the Southwest coast of Gozo.  The actual dive site is around the headland on the opposite side of the bay, with a 70 metre long tunnel which runs through the headland with a maximum depth of 8m, for which you require a torch.  The main reef, just off the headland, forms part of the dive plan.

The Dive

Firstly remember the metal steps on the diving jetty are removed during the winter months.  It is not quite deep enough close to the shore for a stride entry, so do be careful for entry is not easy.

To locate the entrance of the tunnel, which is below the surface, look for the steep cliffs on the other side of the bay, running down is a formation of rock which looks like a spine, directly below this is the entry point; the swim across the narrow bay will take 3-4 minutes.  The tunnel entrance is at a depth of 5m, with a ledge rising to 3m just inside.

From one point in the cave there are cracks in the ceiling which allows light through, this makes for a unique opportunity for some unusual photography.